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The Climate, Community & Biodiversity Alliance

About the CCBA

The CCBA is a unique partnership of leading international NGOs that was founded in 2003 with a mission to stimulate and promote land management activities that credibly mitigate global climate change, improve the well-being and reduce the poverty of local communities, and conserve biodiversity. The CCBA brings together diverse stakeholders through a transparent and inclusive participatory process to develop standards that stimulate, identify and promote high quality multiple-benefit land management activities. The CCBA has been supported by Advising Institutions and CCB Standards donors. The Advising Institutions have provided technical input for the development and revision of the CCB Standards. The CCB Standards donors provided financial support for the development of the CCB Standards.


The members of the CCBA are non-governmental organizations.

Advising Institutions

Three respected international tropical forest research institutions helped revise the Standards based on public comments and field-testing.

CCB Standards Donors

The CCB Standards development and management has been funded by contributions from philanthropic foundations and corporations including:

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