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CCB and VCS Streamline Process to Demonstrate Multiple Benefits

CCBA and VCS are pleased to announce the release of new VCS+CCB templates and guidance that will make it even easier to combine the CCB Standards and the Verified Carbon Standard.

The CCB Standards used alone do not lead to delivery of quantified emissions reductions certificates, so combination with a carbon accounting standard is recommended, such as VCS.  In this case, the CCB Standards provide assurances on the social and environmental quality of the project’s implementation and the delivery of multiple benefits while VCS enables verification and registration of quantified greenhouse gas emissions reductions and removals.  A successful verification under the CCB Standards and VCS enables the addition of a CCB label to verified carbon units listed on a registry.

In collaboration with VCS, we have designed these documents to streamline the validation and verification process for both project developers and auditors. The templates will make it easier and more cost effective to combine CCB Standards and VCS through all stages of project development and implementation.  The use of the templates is not required but is highly recommended when using both standards.

The following documents were released today and are available for download here along with further information about the CCB label mechanism:

  • VCS+CCB Project Description Template
  • VCS+CCB Validation Report Template
  • VCS+CCB Monitoring & implementation Report Template
  • VCS+CCB Verification Report Template
  • VCS+CCB Project Development Process Guidance
Please contact us with any questions and we would be pleased to receive your feedback and experience using the templates and guidance.