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CCB Standards Revision User Survey

The CCBA would like to hear from you about your experience in using the CCB Standards and how the standards can be further strengthened and streamlined to ensure that the CCB Standards remain robust, practical and continue to meet your needs. We request you to take this survey at by  1st February 2013. This will be very useful for feeding into the revision process.

The CCBA is undertaking a revision of the CCB Standards in 2013 including modifications to support smallholder- and community-led projects. This revision provides an opportunity to strengthen the quality assurance provided by the standards and to improve the effectiveness of the standards in highlighting the special qualities of different kinds of projects.

We have put together an initial draft of list of issues, identified based on feedback received so far from users and experts and from a series of studies and a workshop undertaken by CCBA in collaboration with Nature Conservation Research Center  Ghana, and Rainforest Alliance to understand the specific challenges and opportunities of smallholder- and community-led projects (

Questions can be sent to:

Priti Narasimhan

Advisor, Climate, Community & Biodiversity Standards

Office:  +1 703 341 2418

Mobile: +1 303 906 7035