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The Climate, Community & Biodiversity Alliance

Launch of CCB Standards Third Edition: Webinar 12th December 10-11am EST

The Climate, Community & Biodiversity Alliance is pleased to invite you to join a webinar for the launch of the CCB Standards Third Edition on Thursday 12th December 10-11 AM Eastern Standard Time. To register for the webinar and receive your personal login details, click here.

The new Third Edition

  • showcases smallholder- and community-led projects with equitable benefit sharing
  • allows the use of programmatic approaches to include new project areas
  • clarifies the requirements for stakeholder engagement including free, prior and informed consent
  • promotes gender equality and empowerment
  • simplifies the requirements for demonstrating net positive climate benefits and facilitates combination with a carbon accounting standard, and
  • strengthens the Gold Level requirements for projects that generate exceptional benefits for climate change adaptation, for communities and for biodiversity.

The launch webinar on 12th December 10-11am ET will include

  • an overview of the CCB Standards Third Edition and the new Rules for the Use of the CCB Standards by the CCBA Secretariat
  • a community-led project perspective by Vasco van Roosmalen of Equipe de Conservação da Amazônia (ECAM)
  • a private sector and project proponent perspective by Christian Dannecker of South Pole Group
  • an auditor perspective by Jeffrey Hayward of Rainforest Alliance.

The Climate, Community & Biodiversity (CCB) Standards provide comprehensive and objective criteria to identify and promote land management projects that effectively address social and environmental risks and deliver significant benefits to local communities, biodiversity and the global climate. They have become the most widely used multiple benefit standard for carbon projects since their launch in 2005.

The new Third Edition and accompanying Rules for the Use of the CCB Standards have been developed over twelve months through a participatory and inclusive process including two 60-day public comment periods and the support of a CCB Standards Committee representing a balance of people potentially affected by the standards or with relevant expert knowledge.

Please visit to learn more about the CCB Standards and the revision process, and to download a copy of the new Third Edition after the release.