The Climate, Community & Biodiversity Alliance The Climate, Community & Biodiversity Alliance

The Climate, Community & Biodiversity Alliance

Governance of the Standards

As of November 2014, the CCB Standards have been managed by the Verified Carbon Standard (VCS). VCS is committed to ensuring that the CCB Standards promote the generation of significant social and environmental benefits while adhering to good practices for the development and use of international social and environmental standards. VCS will work to maximize the potential of the CCB Standards through collaboration with members of the CCBA and other stakeholders.

CCB Steering Committee

The CCB Steering Committee, which includes representatives of each CCBA member organization and the CCBA Secretariat, supports VCS in governance, strategic direction and ongoing development of the CCB Standards.

  • Joanna Durbin (co-chair), Climate, Community & Biodiversity Alliance Secretariat
  • Toby Janson-Smith (co-chair), VCS
  • John Drexhage, International Institute for Sustainable Development and Ecoresources (VCS Board)
  • Tom Evans, Wildlife Conservation Society
  • Greg Fishbein, The Nature Conservancy (alternate: Nicole DeMello)
  • Jeff Hayward, Rainforest Alliance (alternate: Campbell Moore)
  • Ken Newcombe, C-Quest Capital (VCS Board)
  • Agustin Silvani, Conservation International (alternate: Natasha Calderwood)

Meetings of the CCB Steering Committee

Dates of upcoming meetings and information (including agendas and minutes) on past meetings of the Committee will be made available as soon as possible. Information provided for each meeting includes the agenda, public decisions and meeting summaries.