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The Climate, Community & Biodiversity Alliance

CCB Standards Checklist

The following checklist shows all twenty CCB Standards Third Edition criteria, consisting of seventeen required criteria and three optional Gold Level criteria. To earn CCB Standards approval, projects must satisfy all seventeen required criteria. Projects that generate exceptional benefits for climate change adaptation, or for smallholders and communities leading their own projects and poorer households among them, or for the conservation of areas of high global biodiversity priority and the endangered species found there may achieve a Gold Level status by satisfying one of the optional Gold Level criteria.

General Section
G1 Project Goals, Design & Long-Term Viability Required
G2 Without-project Land Use Scenario & Additionality Required
G3 Stakeholder Engagement Required
G4 Management Capacity Required
G5 Legal Status and Property Rights Required
Climate Section
CL1 Without-project Climate Scenario Required
CL2 Net Positive Climate Impacts Required
CL3 Offsite Climate Impacts Required
CL4 Climate Impact Monitoring Required
GL1 Climate Change Adaptation Benefits Optional
Community Section
CM1 Without-project Scenario for Communities Required
CM2 Net Positive Community Impacts Required
CM3 Offsite Stakeholder Impacts Required
CM4 Community Impact Monitoring Required
GL2 Exceptional Community Benefits Optional
Biodiversity Section
B1 Without-project Biodiversity Scenario Required
B2 Net Positive Biodiversity Impacts Required
B3 Offsite Biodiversity Impacts Required
B4 Biodiversity Impacts Monitoring Required
GL3 Exceptional Biodiversity Benefits Optional

CCB Standards Validation & Verification Levels
APPROVED: All requirements met
GOLD: All requirements and also at least one optional Gold Level criterion, specifying which Gold Level(s) achieved